If you just so happen to be one of the very lucky owners of a Ducati Panigale V4, I’m sure that one of the many things that enamor you is its breathtaking exhaust note. V4 engines have always had such a distinct exhaust note, and instantly conjure up images of top-level racing at the WorldSBK or MotoGP.

There are, indeed, a whole host of aftermarket exhaust options available for the Panigale, however, nothing quite suits this Italian Stallion like a set of Termignoni pipes. If you’ve been looking to give your Panigale V4 just the right bump in performance and sound, as well as a substantial weight reduction, you may want to consider the Termignoni D200 titanium exhaust system. This racing homologation exhaust system is compatible with the Ducati Panigale V4, as well as its naked sibling, the Streetfighter V4.


As you can see, the Termignoni D200 titanium exhaust system drastically alters the bike’s aesthetics, as it features an upswept, under-tail design, similar to what we find in racing machines. This twin-pipe setup goes from the engine to the tail of the bike, and makes a striking and eye-catching loop just beneath the tail, with the twin carbon silencer exiting on either side.

The complete exhaust kit comes with the full titanium headers, titanium RHT silencers with carbon fiber end-caps complete with lasered ‘Titanium’ wording, as well as all the heat shields, bracketry, and a ‘Limited Edition’ plate. For those who wish to make their full titanium exhaust system even more special, WSBK replica silencer kits are also available upon request. These special silencers consist of black polished titanium mufflers complete with a hexagonal protective grill.

It’s important to note that both iterations of the Termignoni D200 titanium exhaust system, including the WSBK replica silencers are for closed-circuit use only, and are therefore not Street legal. As far as pricing is concerned, the Termignoni D200 exhaust system is, unsurprisingly, quite the pricey bit of kit. On specialist aftermarket accessory shop, Omnia Racing, it retails for the eye-watering price of 6,344 Euros, or the equivalent of $7,486 USD.

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