Suzuki’s Hayabusa for 2022 is getting a new pipe from Yoshimura Japan. The company announced the launch of a new slip-on muffler for the bike that just made its debut this year.

Checking out the Yoshimura Japan website, the product is listed as available, however, the new exhaust still isn't available on Yoshimura's American website. 

Dubbed the “HEPTA FORCE,” the slip-on muffler series for the Hayabusa is set to release soon, at least in Japan first. The product will feature an edgy symmetric heptagon shape for the can, paired with either a carbon tip or a stainless tip. There will also be two kinds of silencers, one of which will sport a burnt titanium finish, and the standard will be finished in plain stainless steel.  

Yoshimura HeptaForce Suzuki Hayabusa Exhaust
Yoshimura HeptaForce Suzuki Hayabusa Exhaust

Young Machine described the sound as deep and bassy. The engine noise that will come out of the muffler is also cleared for Japanese regulations.

For extra flair, Yoshi also put in a nice carbon fiber heat shield that covers the connecting elbow of the pipe close to the passenger footpegs. After all, you don’t want your date’s shoe melting on your trick muffler now? This piece is unique to the Hepta Force exhaust. 

Yoshimura HeptaForce Suzuki Hayabusa Exhaust

Aside from that, Yoshimura also boasts some performance gain. According to the power charts, the exhaust should increase the maximum power and torque of the Hayabusa by up to 4.1 percent. The exhaust will also create up to 96 decibels of noise without the silencer, and with the silencer, it brings that level down to 92 decibels. 

The slip-on system is also 55 percent lighter than the stock system, coming in at 11.68 pounds. For context, the stock muffler of the Hayabusa weighs 26.23 pounds. Meanwhile, the lightest and most expensive option is the titanium model which boasts even more weight savings coming in at just 11.46 pounds. 

The exhaust will go on sale in early September 2021 and will cost between ¥174,900 to ¥201,300 JPY, or about $1,600 USD to $1,900 USD for the top-shelf model. The unit also comes with a two-year warranty. 

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