French online platform Royal Vintage specializes in selling classic and custom motorcycles. For the firm’s Royal Series, Royal Vintage brings manufacturers and builders together to create rolling works of art. Partnering with Suzuki Moto France and dealer Olby Motos, the brand commissioned custom shop Lucky Cat Garage to deliver its take on Suzuki’s neo-retro Katana.

Offered as an ultra-limited, 10-unit run, the Lucky Katana retains the model’s ‘80s inspired design but elevates the aesthetic with select components. With Lucky Cat Garage owner and Sultans of Sprint founder Séb Lorentz at the helm, the project embraced the culture behind the mighty Katana.

“The idea was to sharpen the Japanese sword with a much more sporty, exclusive, and elegant version,” noted Lorentz, “as an homage to Japanese art, culture, and craftsmanship.”

Gallery: Lucky Katana: 2021 Suzuki Katana

While most of the original bodywork remains, Lorentz focused his efforts on the Katana’s tail unit. The new Alcantara saddle still pops off with the stock seat latch, but the carbon fiber tail section now houses a sleek new LED taillight. A carbon-fiber rear fender and chain guard also match the new unit while a GSX-S-style fender bolts to the front end.

Lorentz further streamlines the Katana with Rizoma mirrors, bar ends, master cylinder cover and Vision LED indicators. Adjustable foot pegs and new handlebars also equip the Suzuki for battle. To lighten the load, the custom shop replaced the naked bike’s fasteners with aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium ProBolts. A Yoshimura R11SQ Black Magic silencer also saves weight and makes the 999cc inline-four really sing.

Painted in an understated Bushido Gray, the Lucky Katana also features platinum engraved inserts at the tail, tank, and two sides. Royal Vintage will sell each custom Katana at €24,650 ($28,898 USD), a sizable markup over the model’s €13,699 ($13,499) price tag. However, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a Suzuki as sharp and refined as Lucky Cat Garage’s Lucky Katana.

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