Whenever you ride in unpredictable weather, or across regions with drastically changing climates, do you bring more than one pair of gloves? I know I certainly do. My backpack usually has an extra pair of gloves that’s very much different from the one I’d currently be wearing. Depending on the point of takeoff, I’d always have two pairs of gloves in my person—one textile pair for hot weather, and a waterproof pair in the event of rain.

As it would turn out, there is such a thing as a two-in-one glove, meaning you essentially have two pairs of gloves shrouded in one. This is exactly what German gear and equipment maker Held has created with the new Sambia 2in1 Evo. These innovative gloves are characterized by two entry slots for your hand in each glove: one on top, and one on the bottom. If you put your hand in the upper compartment, the gloves are completely waterproof thanks to a Gore-Tex liner. It’ll keep your hands nice and warm, too, as it’s windproof, as well.

Putting your hand in the bottom slot, right below the waterproof one, activates the gloves’ breezy mode. The palm is made out of a breathable combination of spandex and kangaroo leather. This keeps your hands nice and cool, while staying just as protected. Held’s 2in1 technology is essentially glove-ception, meaning, it’s a glove within a glove. The outer glove has all the protective features you’d expect from a proper CE-rated bit of kit. We find abrasion-resistant fabrics, knuckle protectors, and even reinforced inserts on the fingers. The palm, too, is reinforced with a thick textile layer in the event of a slide.

When worn in dry-mode (i.e., your hand in the upper part of the glove), the Sambia 2in1 Evo is completely water and windproof. Meanwhile, breezy-mode will have the Gore-Tex membrane situated at the back of your hand, while your palms will be able to breathe via the textile material present in the bottom part of the glove. The Sambia 2in1 Evo, therefore, conforms to CE safety standards, and is in compliance with EN13594: 2015 standard for “protective gloves for motorcyclists.” For a perfect fit, they get mid-cut cuffs with a hook-and-loop fastener.

As for styling preferences, the Held Sambia 2in1 Evo is available in two color options—solid black, and a combination of black and gray, the perfect, nondescript colorway to match all sorts of bikes and gear. Sizing ranges from 7 all the way to 12. Now, when it comes to price, these gloves aren’t cheap. At 179.95 Euros, or just a hair over $200 USD, you’ll be better off buying two pairs of budget-friendly gloves if you’re in a pinch. However, if you’ve got the dough to burn, then these gloves are definitely a solid all-year choice.

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