Many of us are familiar with Guy Martin as the charming, charismatic racer who has made a name for himself from numerous podiums in the Isle of Man TT. He also happens to be a diehard motorcycle collector, car enthusiast, and even a mountain bike and pedal car racer. On top of that, he has gone on to attempt numerous speed records, such as one on an 830-horsepower Suzuki Hayabusa, and a 1,200-horsepower, helicopter engine-powered monstrosity.  

Guy Martin Buys Thoresway Motocross Track
Guy Martin Buys Thoresway Motocross Track

Apart from all these impressive accomplishments, Guy Martin is also a motocross and enduro fanatic, and has spent countless hours training aboard an enduro machine on numerous MX tracks. Recently, the British racer has taken a huge step in the motocross world—not just for himself, but for the industry as a whole. He recently acquired the Thoresway MX track in Lincolnshire, and has some lofty ambitions for his recent purchase. 

You see, Martin hopes to make Thoresway, known more commonly as the Caistor race track, the best motocross track in the country. He hopes that he and his team of some of the most experienced track builders can renovate the track and make it worthy to host the British Motocross Grand Prix in the coming years. In a YouTube video posted on Guy Martin's channel, Guy Martin Proper, the British racer explained how he went on to acquire the race track. He reminisced on the times he'd ride there for Honda, and highlight how gruelling the track was. He stated that it served as "discipline for road racing and fitness."

Guy Martin stated that he acquired Thoresway around six months ago—so that's sometime in April or May of 2021. At present, he has the best track builders on duty, renovating and redesigning the circuit. He commissioned the help of the folks at Terraforma MX Circuit Design, Alfie Smith and Johnny Douglas Hamilton, to design and ultimately build the track. The builders explain that, due to the landscape of the race track located in a valley, it has the potential to be the best MX circuit in the country. Given just how much space the area has, it could even accommodate an audience of more than 10,000 spectators.

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