Few upgrades are as eye-catching and head-turning as a beautifully crafted exhaust system. This is especially true if your motorcycle sounds as good as the Yamaha MT-09. The MT-09, ever since it first debuted in 2014, has been known for its hooliganistic nature and intoxicating exhaust note from its inline triple. There are, indeed, tons of exhaust systems for this bike, ranging from cheapo knock-offs, to systems that cost upwards of a grand. 

Italian exhaust manufacturer LeoVince has released a new exhaust system for the 2021 Yamaha MT-09 and Tracer 9 which is arguably one of the most striking aftermarket pipes currently available for this bike. Dubbed the LV Race, LeoVince describes its new exhaust system as "The Perfect Alchemy", likely hinting at the sophisticated levels of engineering and metallurgy that has gone into this new, race-inspired exhaust system. Leo Vince states that the new exhaust system pays close attention to the balance of the bike, and optimizes weight distribution without disrupting the bike's factory layout. 


As such, similar to the MT-09 and Tracer 9's stock exhaust layout, the LV Race exhaust system employs an underbelly consturction. However, it maximizes performance and reduces weight due to its free-flow characterstics and lightweight construction. LeoVince states that the LV Race gives a 30-percent weight reduction as opposed to the stock exhaust system. Its sharp and aggressive styling complements the Dark Side of Japan design language Yamaha has been injecting into its bikes, too, making for an elegant, yet aggressive aesthetic. 

The LeoVince LV Race is constructed entirely out of AISI 304 stainless steel, and sports a matte black ceramic based paint which is resistant to extremely high temperatures. Finer details include a laser-etched Leo Vince logo, a full carbon-fiber heat shield, and a honeycomb mesh adorning the exhaust tip, similar to what we find in the exhaust pipes of GP racing machines. 

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