The Yamaha Tracer 9 GT is a popular sport tourer ideal for those looking for the neck-snapping torque of the MT-09, wrapped in a package that's ready to go the distance. The MT-09, a bike known for its hooligan-like properties, is definitely a solid choice, however, the fact that it lacks wind protection and the amenities necessary for comfortable long-distance rides, limits it to use within the city, or short bursts on the highway. 

Luckily for the Tracer 9 GT, most, if not all performance oriented accessories and upgrades for the MT-09 have also been adapted for the sport-tourer. The same can be said for Akrapovič's titanium exhaust range. Known for further enhancing the MT-09's already intoxicating exhaust note, as well as bumping up power and torque ever so slightly, it employs the same formula for the middleweight sport-tourer. The new pipe is a full-system which belongs to the company's Titanium Racing Line of exhausts. It features a slight redesign over the previous iteration with a shorter exhaust pipe which better suits the new-generation Tracer 9's aesthetics. 


The muffler has been constructed out of "high-grade" titanium, with a carbon-fiber end-cap and heat shield. It links to stainless-steel link pipes and headers which incorporate a catalytic converter for reduced emissions and further deadened sound. This results in an aftermarket exhaust system that's completely Euro 5-approved, as well as EC/ECE type-approved. The new exhaust system is significanlty slimmer and more streamlined than the bike's stock breadbox, as such, expect it to reduce weight significantly, making the bike more agile and quick to turn in. 

From a performance standpoint, Akrapovič promises marginal gains with the new exhaust system. It claims a power increase of two ponies at 10,000 RPM, and 1.3 Nm, or 1 ft-lb of torque at 9,700 RPM. Just like the MT-09, expect this exhaust system of produce a deep, guttural howl—distinct to Yamaha's CP3 inline three-cylinder engine. Akrapovič's exhaust system is an easy, plug-and-play install, and doesn't require any ECU tuning whatsoever. Furthermore, it's compatible with all Yamaha factory accessories including hard cases and a center stand. 

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