As the weather changes, so too, must our wardrobe, especially if you're one who insists on riding out even as summer turns into fall; and fall into winter. While other people may look at you with a raised eyebrow thinking you've utterly lost your mind venturing out in the cold, wet weather, there truly is a lot to love about hitting the open road in the colder months—especially if you're ready for the cold. 

Where I'm from, temperatures hardly ever go down too much, however, windchill can definitely make riding during the rainy season a treacherous experience. I can only imagine what it would be like to get caught out in freezing weather with little to no defense against the cold. Luckily, motorcycle gear and equipment manufacturers will soon be restocking their fall and winter collections. One such company is Dutch gear specialist REV'IT!, and its impressive lineup of all-weather riding jackets. At the top of its list is the Target H2O riding jacket—the perfect jacket for when the temperatures begin to drop, and clear skies turn into rainy days.


The REV'IT! Target H2O jacket incorporates a Hydratex membrane that offers waterproofing and wind protection. It sports a very stealthy, dark aesthetic, which is all the rage among the hipster, neo-retro crowd these days, and offers multi-season functionality thanks to its removable inner line. The Target H2O also features a detachable hood which is perfect for keeping your neck warm in rainy weather, and of course, your head dry when you're off the bike. Should the weather clear up, and you wish to let some air in, ventilation zippers on the chest and back can easily be opened to promote air flow. 

REV'IT! Target H2O Jacket

When it comes to protective features, the REV'IT! Target H2O features standard CE-rated SEESMART shoulder and elbow inserts which offer freedom of movement and adequate protection at the same time. Furthermore, the Target H2O makes use of hard plastic external shoulder pads for added impact and slide resistance. The jacket can also be upgraded by fitting a CE-level 2 SEESOFT back protector and chest protector, optional extras the jacket is ready to accommodate out of the box. 

Available only in black, REV'IT!'s Target H2O jacket is sized from S all the way to 3XL. As far as pricing is concerned, it's been pegged at 499.99 Euros, or the equivalent of $590 USD, on REV'IT!'s official website. 

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