Motorcycling is all about freedom of expression. The way we motorcyclists express ourselves comes in all forms. Some of us do it by modifying our bikes, or in the apparel and riding gear we choose to wear. A lot of riders, myself included, prefer more subtle, understated designs when it comes to riding gear. Other people, however, may want a more colorful design to suit their aesthetic.

This is where REV'IT!'s newest jacket, the Quantum 2 Pro Air can let its colors shine, literally. The company describes it as a sport jacket which stands out from the crowd. The Quantum 2 Pro Air employs a loud and outspoken design and encourages people to make a statement. The jacket draws design inspiration from the loud and eye-catching colorways so commonly seen in the MotoGP and WSBK—an essence which embodies speed and eye-catching attention. 

REV'IT! Releases Radically Styled Quantum 2 Riding Jacket

Beneath the colorful graphics and sporty design, however, REV'IT! hasn't skimped on decking this jacket out with the latest and greatest technology when it comes to protection and comfort. The jacket, after all, has been designed for the avid and discerning sportbike rider. As such, REV'IT! has ensured that the Quantum 2 Pro Air is up to the task. That said, it makes use of the company's newest proprietary technology, PWR|Fuse air mesh fabric. This fabric, which comprises the top panel of the speed hump at the back, provides ample airflow all throughout your torso. REV'IT! describes it as being wrapped in a blanket of air. 

The REV'IT Quantum 2 Pro Air jacket also offers a snug and comfortable fit thanks to single-layer neoprene cuffs which have been designed to make it easy for gloves to slide above the jacket. A neoprene comfort collar, too, minimizes wind buffeting at the neck area, while a moisture-wicking mesh lining along with a removable thermal liner give the jacket just a tad more versatility.

REV'IT! Releases Radically Styled Quantum 2 Riding Jacket

On the safety side of things, the jacket gets removable TPU pads at the elbows and shoulders. A back protector, which can be purchased separately, can also be fitted into a sleeve at the back of the jacket. The REV'IT Quantum 2 Pro Air holds a safety certification in accordance with the EN 17092 Standard, and has a AAA rating. The REV'IT! Quantum 2 Pro Air jacket retails for 769.99 Euros, or the equivalent of 909 USD. 

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