The wait is over!

After months of buildup and anticipation, Vmoto Soco finally unveiled its new 2021 electrics. The company previously teased the TS and TC motorcycles before revealing the full specs today. The CUmini scooter wasn’t as hyped as its stablemates before its introduction, but it’s a nice addition to the debuting trio.

The brand differentiates the TC and TS with retro and naked bike styling, but both trims harness the same 2500 W hub-mounted motor. Mated to a 32 Ah 60 V lithium-ion battery, the two electric motos manage 132.8 lb-ft of maximum torque and a 46-mph top speed. Range comes in at 121 miles and charge time totals 3 hours and 30 minutes. Both bikes roll on 17-inch wheels and a combined braking system helps shed speed. Three ride modes adjust the powerband according to conditions and a USB port makes sure your devices are never out of juice.

On the styling front, the TC favors classic lines with a bench seat and round headlight. The simplified bodywork and small fly screen also evoke images of yesteryear while the analog/digital round display integrates technology and nostalgia. Conversely, the TS takes a more modern approach. With an aggressive seating position and MT-07-esque headlight cluster, the TS isn’t bashful about its sporting nature. The sharp design language also extends from the leg fairings to the tail section.

Gallery: 2021 Vmoto Soco TC, TS, and CUmini

The CUmini urban scooter takes a more scenic route with its 600 W motor only reaching a 28-mph top speed. The 20 Ah 48 V battery nets a 43-mile max range and the battery takes seven hours to recharge. Fortunately, swappable technology allows users to remove batteries for charging. The little scoot bops along on 12-inch wheels and users can track alarm status, GPS position, and diagnostic data with the Super Soco Cloud Control app. The CUmini will be available in Europe in white, gray, red, and black.

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