We know we keep saying that 2020 has been weird, but the thing is, sometimes you don’t realize how weird it’s been until something almost kind of, well, normal happens. Take electric motorcycle startups, for example. For a good while, it seemed like we were hearing about a new one launching pretty regularly. It took the launch of a whole new electric startup to make us realize that we hadn’t heard about a brand-new venture like this in a bit.  

Austin, Texas-based Volcon is a company all about electrifying off-road powersports vehicles. The company is starting off slow, with a motorcycle it’s calling the Grunt. If all goes according to plan, that first model will roll out to customers in Spring 2021. 

The Grunt is billed as an all-terrain motorcycle, and with its ginormous, Rokon Trailbreaker-esque knobbies on, it certainly looks the part. Volcon claims it has max speed of 60 mph and offers 75 ft.-lbs of torque. Other stats include a 100-mile range on a single charge and a zero to 60 time of 6 seconds. Ground clearance is 12 inches.  

Volcon Grunt Right Side

Need a recharge? Plug in to your nearest household outlet and leave it alone for two hours, says Volcon. The battery is also swappable, so you can have a spare ready to go and just switch it out whenever you’re ready. The electric powertrain also has an IP67 waterproof rating, so there’s no need to worry if you go for a swim. MSRP starts at $5,995. 

Interestingly, Volcon plans to manufacture the Grunt and its future four-wheelers right in Texas. It’s currently operating out of a temporary production facility, but plans to build a permanent home in the greater Austin area ASAP. Its CEO is none other than Andrew Leisner, former senior VP and managing director of the Bonnier Motorcycle Group and Motorcycle Industry Council board member.  

Volcon Grunt In Action

“Having grown up riding with my father and continuing that tradition on motorcycles and UTVs with my daughters, I am excited to help lead the evolution of the powersports industry with electric vehicles that enhance the outdoor experience while reducing our environmental footprint for future generations,” said Leisner.  

“Thanks to companies like Tesla, the electrification of the powersports industry is no longer a question of if, but when, and Volcon is positioning itself to play a substantial role in this rapidly changing environment.” 

Source: Volcon 

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