Zero Motorcycles set the table for 2021 and confirmed which of its street and dual-sport electric bikes are staying in the lineup. If you’re a fan, you’ll be glad to learn that all the models you already know and love from Zero are back for 2021, led of course by the SR/F and SR/S flagships.

The entry-level SR, SR, and FXS are also carried over in the street lineup while in the dual-sport segment, the FX, DS, DRS, and DSR Black Forest continue to offer emissions-free versatility.   

So, what’s new for 2021? The updates are modest: the new model-years all receive a fresh new selection of colorways. For example, the SR/F is now available in a choice of black or seafoam. The Zero FXS gets a new grey and yellow livery, the DS rocks a grey and forest green paint job, and the S gets a new grey and blue livery.   

On the technological front, there are no significant updates. We still get the same three electric motor options (75.5, 75.7, and 75.10) and three battery sizes (3.6, 7.2, and 14.4 kWh). The range for all the Zero products continues to vary between 46 and 196 city miles depending on the motor and battery combination. Pricing also remains unchanged.   

Gallery: 2021 Zero Motorcycles Lineup

  • 2021 Zero S - $10,995  
  • 2021 Zero SE - $15,495  
  • 2021 Zero SR/F - $19,495  
  • 2021 Zero SR/S - $19,995  
  • 2021 Zero FX - $9,295  
  • 2021 Zero FXS - $9,295  
  • 2021 Zero DS - $10,995  
  • 2021 Zero DSR - $15,495  
  • 2021 Zero DSR Black Forest - $18,995  

Considering how rocky the year has been for the industry—particularly for Zero, whose California office had to temporarily shut down due to the wildfires on top of the pandemic—the chances that we’ll see a new product added to the lineup early in 2021 seems low. That being said, we might still get a surprise. Maybe 2021 will be the year the brand comes out with a new DC fast-charger. 

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