Too expensive and too limited are two major complaints about today's electric motorcycle offerings. While options are far from abundant, Chinese suppliers like SuperSoco are bombarding the market with affordable electric motorcycles and scooters. The previous generation TS and TC models only managed 28 mph and 78-mile range but the upcoming range reveal could drastically change the landscape. SuperSoco already unveiled an updated TS Hunter with a top speed of 46 mph and now they’re hinting at an improved TC Wanderer with an all-new teaser.

The video lingers on the silhouette of the bike, establishing the café racer meets scrambler aesthetic. Low-lit beauty shots of the round LED headlight and tuck and roll leather seat confirm the styling while an insert shot of the rear wheel displays the hub-mounted motor. Due to the adverse effects of high unsprung weight, most manufacturers refrain from hub-mounted motors, but SuperSoco uses the feature to free up more space for batteries.

Vmoto SuperSoco 2021 TC Wanderer - Headlight
Vmoto SuperSoco 2021 TC Wanderer - Instrument Cluster

While the images are quite revealing, the most informative shot features the round instrument cluster. Aside from the retro shape and analog speedometer, the digital readout reports battery levels, temperature, and ride mode. The Easter eggs don’t stop there though. With 198 km listed on the range meter, one could theorize that the TC Wanderer will achieve 123 miles in one charge. The 90km/h (55 mph) also supports the assumption that the new TC will fall in line with the update TS.

If the speculative numbers hold up, the range could improve by 36 percent and top-speed would boost by 40 percent. Though SuperSoco won’t fully reveal the next generation TC and TS models for another few weeks, we think it’ll be much harder for people to claim that electric motorcycles are too expensive and too limited in the near future.

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