Occasionally we are called on to observe an abject lesson in how not to do things. In this case, some folks did us the favor of shooting a video of a stunt you should not try at home. If this particular maneuver is something you aspire to learn, I would like to take this opportunity to beseech you: wear your gear while you’re attempting ill-advised high-speed shenanigans and/or hijinks. Things can and will go pear-shaped, so if you want to ride again tomorrow, at least put a helmet on first.

Now, I know that we should all be reminding each other to wear gear whenever we’re on a motorcycle, regardless of any aforementioned shenanigans. Because I live in the northeast where several states have no helmet laws, I have become somewhat inured to seeing riders in shorts and sandals and sunglasses and nothing else, but at least they aren’t, as a general rule, also attempting a seat swap at speed.

What possessed these two friends to try this buffoonery is anyone’s guess, but we are here for the person who filmed, and kept filming, while the inevitable played out. It takes a special kind of calm not to drop the camera when your acquaintances experience a fiery motorcycle crash. Kudos to them for capturing the antics for posterity.

Perhaps these two have attempted this before and were successful. Perhaps they did so on a different bike; possibly one with some variety of highway pegs. Because the passenger-cum-rider instigates the fiery crash by stepping into a spot toward the front of the engine case where the footpeg distinctly isn’t, we might surmise he was expecting something (a crash bar?) to be there.

We do not get to see any detail about what kind of shape the rider/passenger and passenger/rider were in after the crash, we can only suppose that they were mostly ok. They were both standing up afterwards, and hopefully weren’t too injured.

Let these two clowns teach us all a lesson about on-road capers. Showing off professionally in a closed off area after you’ve done a bunch of helmeted and geared-up practicing is one thing, but attempting this sort of stunt on a public road can result in injury and a fiery motorcycle crash. Ambassadors for the sport, they are not.

Source: Reddit

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