When it comes to chaos and motorcycle mayhem, Photogromer is one of my favorite YouTubers. The Honda Grom enthusiast is no stranger to wheelies, stoppies, and loopies, also known as "crashes." He's part of the reason why I want a Grom so badly. Recently he picked up something a little different, a Suzuki DR-Z400SM, to give that supermoto life a try and upsize his fun.

Rather than terrorize the streets, Photogromer and his group go to a Tampa area parking lot to focus on their wild wheelies and senseless stunts. He mentions that while this particular lot isn't in the best condition, at least the owners won't kick them out. While the Tampa Grom Squad is certainly not innocent when it comes to keeping trouble off the streets, it's fun to see them let it all hang out and have some fun away from traffic and police. In other videos, the police have shown up, made sure they had permission to use the lot, then kicked back to enjoy the show. There's nothing wrong with stunts in the proper time and place.

Photogromer focuses on practicing his basic wheelie technique on his new DR-Z, with a brief break to try some jumps into an adjacent lot. Others, particularly DankWheelie, get a bit more fancy with their stunts, including more technical wheelies and burnouts. In fact, DankWheelie abuses his back tire so much that bits of rubber start flaking off of it until finally, it blows (off camera, unfortunately). No worries, though. He just loads it into the back of his truck and safely drives home.

I've never been much for doing stunts myself, but I appreciate the skill it takes to pull them off. This video is nothing but a bunch of riders having fun doing stupid things with their bikes, which is exactly what makes it appealing.

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