When it comes to leaving your mark, there’s very little that’s off the table. For Austrian stuntman Günter Schachermayr, scooter stunts seem to be his niche. Watching him do wheelies on a Vespa is actually pretty entertaining. His latest stunt, however, involves getting both wheels off the ground, way, way up high.

Engineer, athlete, stuntman, and performer: Günter “Lumpi” Schachermayr has quite the resume. Lumpi is a Vespa aficionado who turned his passion into a profession a decade ago. He has since been spending more time on one wheel than two, stunting his collection of Vespas and setting a number of records along the way. Whether it’s riding his scooter on a steel cable, up a sky jump ramp, or even under water at a depth of 16 feet: there’s little Lumpi doesn’t do on two—or one—wheels. Including skydiving.

Whether jumping off a Vespa or with it, at this point we doubt there’s something he hasn’t done in the saddle of his favorite scooter. A few times over the course of 2018, Lumpi completed a number of jumps involving a scooter. In one of his stunts, his Vespa was hauled up, attached to a hot air balloon, with Lumpi in the saddle. He then proceeded to jump off the scooter.  

The second iteration of this jump involved him jumping out of a plane at an altitude of 23,000 feet, with the scooter, performing a number of acrobatics in the saddle before letting go. Don’t worry about the Vespa; it had its own parachute.

As an engineer, Günter gets to prepare his scooters himself to adapt them to his stunts. His passion for Vespas started at a very young age and he manage to buy his very first one at 16. 14 years later, he owns four: a TS 200, PK 125, PK 112, and a TS 125. Just when you’d think that he’s done everything on two wheels, he comes up with more creative stunts. Let’s see what will be next for him.


Source: Wide Magazine

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