Safe motorcycle gear is expensive. Especially if you’re starting from scratch, having to buy everything from a helmet to the boots, gear is one big hurdle. It’s also an intricate world to navigate as you learn about brands and sizes and CE approval and all sorts of complicated new concepts like helmet standards. We’re here to help.

All the gear, all the time: consider it a war cry. Or else you end up in one of our articles where we make fun of a rider or a passenger that took the road with flipflops and a tank top and met his maker—by that we mean the asphalt. We don’t have seatbelts or airbags or crumple zones, but we do have helmets and body armor and more leather than you’ll ever see outside of a country festival. Gear is as fundamental to motorcycle riding as handlebars or tires, so you need to figure its cost into your total budget. Yeah, it’s pricey, but it needs to be. Gear will save your life and expand the use of your motorcycle across any weather condition and any distance.

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