There are times a motorcycle-related video comes across our radar and we have to watch it a bunch of times just to let the bafflement die off a little. That’s the case here, though I’m not sure where “here” is. I’m going to guess southwestern US because of the weather, the trees, the mountain view, and, well, the California license plate of the “911” emblazoned pickup truck.

We’ve all had those moments, right? Maybe not exactly like this one but those moments where we do something incredibly stupid. Of course, it always happens with an audience. Heck, I’ve gotten distracted and tried to get off my motorcycle without putting the kickstand down first, with predictable results.

This incident is just a bit more… Let’s call it “special.”


At first everything is normal. The point of view is from a car’s dash cam, and the motorcycle rider waiting at the red light gives no warning that they're new at this or uncomfortable. I’m guessing the bike is an MT-07 from tail light and bright yellow-green wheels.

I’m also guessing this is a newish rider who has just graduated to this bike from something with a whole lot less power.

Picture it with me: the new rider is out on the road having picked up the bike very recently. There is excitement (the rider looks a bit twitchy in the moments leading up to the green light, but on a new bike, who wouldn’t be?). There is a wide-open road. Here’s the opportunity to really see what this gorgeous new bike can do, break-in period be damned.

The rider sees the light turn green. Grabs a whole big handful of throttle and…

Hey, did you know that the MT-07 does not have launch control? Or traction control? Or even ride modes? Well, you do now! It is a simple and fun little motorcycle but not expensive enough to have any electronic nannies keeping your front wheel on the ground. Some people, those of us who started riding before those things existed, don't miss them. Some new riders could sure benefit from those aids, though.

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