Whoa, That's No Puddle!

Sometimes, life gives you lemons. Sometimes, a local road gets all earthquaked or sinkholed or landslided (landslid?) and out of sorts, and you either change your route or you take a look at how the pavement buckled and decide it’s gonna make a sick lemonade jump.

The wisdom is, this is a landslide in or around Asheville, North Carolina, perhaps, and that the bike is a KLX400. The riders definitely scouted the road and tested the jump a few times. The first rider, who is filming, has picked a perfect spot to catch the undercarriage of the jumper while he is many feet in the air.

We all imagine ourselves accomplishing this, don’t we? This is our “just speed up a bit, you got this” dream, when it comes to major geography-shifting events. It’s only a couple of steps above building a bicycle ramp out of “found” plywood and getting your friends to lay down in the road in front of it.

No rational person would attempt to get past this buckled-up asphalt, and to be fair it isn’t the safest thing in the world. That land shifted to get into that position and it’s very possible it’s going to shift again, perhaps while there are motorcycles on it.

Most of us (especially those of us with road bikes) are going to pick our way around the armageddon-like scene to one side or the other, definitely not through it. But this guy (these guys?) do it repeatedly and then set up to film.

They probably didn’t stop to think about any of this, or to consider the actual inherent danger in their actions. Nope. That rearranged asphalt is a gift and they’re going to use it.

In short, this film is every wanna-be motocrosser dirt biker’s dream come true. If he stuck the landing.

Source: Reddit

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