Trust daredevils to come up with new stunts to get their adrenaline fix. At some point in history, people started being bored with skydiving, so they started jumping off of buildings with their parachutes, creating the BASE jumping fad. Flying suits opened the doors to a new world of opportunities. Eventually, that also became boring. So what’s next? How about a moving base for the jump? Oh! Why not a vehicle in motion? Why not a bike? And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how moto BASE jumping was born.

Have you ever dreamed of tackling motorcycle jumps without having to figure out the hardest part: sticking the landing? Moto BASE jumping is right up your alley! The latest in thrill-seeking trend is parachuting yourself off a flying motorcycle. The approach is pretty much the same as freestyle: it all starts with a jump off a ramp.

Once airborne, the idea is to let go of the bike and pull out the parachute. The tricky part is jumping high enough to have the time to deploy it. Ideally, the bike should be equipped with its own parachute, though in this video, the chain reaction of the bike attached to the rider pulling out its own parachute by falling doesn’t look like the most efficient iteration of the stunt since the bike takes a pretty hard hit. The rider on the other hand, sticks the landing.

While the “hobby” is gaining traction, it was apparently pioneered by Bradley O’Neal who decided to combine is love of base jumping and motorcycle riding into one new adrenaline-inducing stunt. O’Neal became the first rider to conquer motorcycle base jumping and has since completed a number of jumps, including this one in Caineville, Utah.

This will be cool for a while until it becomes too normal and then, we’ll get to watch these people push the limits of the extreme a little further. After all, they say there’s no rest for the wicked.  

Source: Adventure Sports Network

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