In what could easily be one of the worst cases of target fixation, this highway stunt rider managed to ride his motorcycle right into the exact car he should have avoided. The result? Right there in the video clip.

Oh, but in case you couldn’t be bothered to watch the obvious: the officer was not impressed.

A bit of digging turned up a longer video taken by a member of this same rather large group of under-dressed, overtly obnoxious riders who haven’t quite figured out how to communicate that they are being followed by the fuzz. They wheelie, swerve, speed and then, after cutting off traffic repeatedly doing dangerous u-turns in front of cars that miraculously don’t hit them so that they can observe and then further agitate the arresting officer, they burn through a series of red lights to get away from the scene.


In retrospect, it would have been fun to see Johnny Law have a different reaction. Imagine how confused Roger Rule-breaker would have been if the officer had emerged from his car laughing as he radioed the embarrassing event out to all his best buds while his partner came around the side to detain Dum-Dumber.

Of course, it’s always easy for us video watchers to weigh in with our witticisms after-the-fact; the tension has dissipated and we have plenty of repeat views to speculate on exactly what might have happened before and after.

I do, however, have a lingering question. Why does anyone, no matter how talented, think that popping a high-speed wheelie on a busy freeway is an idea worth realizing? They’re super cool, but context is everything. I mean, I like my burgers medium rare, but eating one whilst floating amidst a school of hungry sharks? I think I’d be grateful if all they ate was my lunch.

Squid Stunter Crashes Into Cop Car

At the best of times high speed accidents are exactly the ones that end in the worst way possible, but taking your front end, and the brakes that go with it, high up into the air in traffic seems like a really bad idea, even when things go smoothly – which we know they often don’t. Plus, this type of riding does nothing to improve relations with our cager cousins.

So perhaps, in honor of a fresh new year, we could spread the word and keep all types of stunts off busy roadways? All opinions welcome.


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