Thankfully, the incident was more impressive than damaging.

The world would be a slightly better place if road crashes didn’t happen. No matter how careful you are, things can still go wrong. Other times, we have to take responsibility for messing up and pay the price of our mistake—often the harshest, most efficient way to learn a lesson. This lucky rider has hopefully learned his lesson, thankfully, without too serious a consequence. And it’s all been caught on camera.

A teenage rider got into a truly spectacular crash last week in Sullivan County, Indiana. The 16-year-old motorcyclist on a dirt bike was struck by a car early in the morning. According to the driver involved, he did not see the bike that police qualified as “not street legal” because of the absence of proper taillights. The driver of the car tried to avoid the rider but ended up sideswiping him, projecting the kid off his bike.

A pickup truck following the car ran over the crashed motorcycle, provoking an explosion. The truck ruptured the bike’s fuel tank, which caught fire on impact. The impressive scene was recorded by the dashcam of a witness.

When the police arrived on the scene, the young rider was nowhere to be found. Scared and agitated, he walked away from the location of the crash and was found half a mile further down the road. He was admitted to the hospital for a shoulder and leg injury. He was, however, lucky as none of the injuries are considering life-threatening.   

This will hopefully be a lesson learned both for the young rider and other off-roaders out there that there’s a reason some dirt bikes are considered illegal on the roads. Safety isn’t only about the rider’s behavior on the road—it’s also about the other users being able to acknowledge the bike’s presence. You could be Valentino Rossi on the streets but if a car can’t see you, you’re as vulnerable as anybody else. Be safe out there, folks.

Source: WTHR

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