The Honda Super Cub and the Honda Cross Cub both get new builds from SP Takegawa. New for 2023, a full lineup of custom parts cater to many use cases, from bags to racks, mufflers, windshields, and even a floating brake rotor, these builds can serve as a template or inspiration for you. 

SP Takegawa also has parts for the Honda Dax 125, yet another bike that I don’t mind owning and treating like a toy for around-town commutes. The same treatment is given to the new Super Cubs and the Cross Cubs from team red. 

Gallery: SP Takegawa Honda Super Cub 110

The pair of 110s get a set of parts. Some are universal, but others are form fitted to specific bikes. SP Takegawa did a custom build for each bike, and the first up is the Super Cub 110 with its touring bag strapped onto the handlebars and even comes with a clear window for your phone. Under that is a rack that bolts on near the footwells. On top of being a tiny luggage rack, it also adds a bit of protection by preventing scratches from ingress and egress. Finally, the Cub gets a P-Shooter muffler, finished in chrome, and slips on to replace the stock system. 

Gallery: SP Takegawa Honda Cross Cub 110

Next up is the Cross Cub, which is a little more rugged than its city-going counterpart. With a little more emphasis on trailing, the light bike gets touring amenities that are sure to enhance the bike’s long-ride chops. The Cross Cub gets a windscreen as well as a windshield for the rider’s lower extremities. Hand guards were also fitted, in a bid to fully cover the rider on colder rides out. There is even a special seat for this model, a cushioned seat cover that’s said to enhance rider comfort on the saddle. Last but not least, a muffler did in a scrambler style with two silencers that add to the adventurous look of the Cross Cub 110. 

The pair of bikes are both interesting and fun in concept. Honda’s 110cc underbones have a fun aesthetic and appeal to them, and SP Takegawa illustrates that they’re also fun to toy around with and customize.  

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