Japanese parts and accessories supplier Kijima already boasts a robust catalog. That doesn’t stop the aftermarket specialist from taking on new models, however, and Kijima customized three distinct Honda CT125 Hunter Cubs to showcase its new line of utility-oriented components.

The first example caters to maximalists and weekend glampers. A large top box and tactical side bag allow riders to pack provisions to their heart’s content, from cooking tools to tents, from food and drink to firewood. The modified Hunter Cub also benefits from extra protection in the form of crash guards, a headlight grille, and handguards. A front rack only enhances the carrying capacity, enabling riders to strap everything from sleeping pads to six packs to the front end. Auxiliary lighting and larger heel-toe shifter conform to adventure conventions.

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The second custom carries over the same headlight grille, front rack, crash bars, auxiliary lights, and side bag, but the high-mounted fender appeals to diehard off-roaders. The rough and rugged example also ditches the top box for a large rear carrier rack and amplifies storage with a bar-mounted bag. Kijima’s third rendition, on the other hand, opts for a more restrained approach.

Resplendent in Honda’s trademark red, the last example only sports the brand’s crash protection, headlight grate, and taillight grille. A front rack, rear rack, side rack, and frame rack system constitute the custom’s carrying capacity. Kijima only equips the model with those preparations, deleting the bags and top box in the process, to minimize the Hunter Cub’s footprint. The parts specialist also offers the components in chrome for a more urbane look.

Kijima may manufacture a host of accessories for full-size models, but its new Honda CT125 Hunter Cub line adds more attitude to the dual-purpose miniMOTO.

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