The Honda Monkey is just one of those bikes that seems to love life and not take itself too seriously. You can certainly bet, that if you see someone rolling around town in a Honda Monkey, that they're going to be a friendly, and more than happy to talk to you about their vehicle of choice. Right out of the showroom, the Monkey exudes charm and character, but this hasn't stopped folks from customizing their bikes to make them even more special.

Indeed, back in its home country of Japan, there are quite a lot of custom parts from a myriad of manufacturers designed specifically for the Honda Monkey. One such company is G-Craft, a brand specializing in the production of aftermarket components specifically for mini-bikes. The brand has just released two new products that'll surely elevate the look of the Honda Monkey, so let's take a closer look. 

Deck Out Your Honda Monkey 125 With These Custom Parts From G-Craft

The first is a new set of wheels that gives the Monkey an even more retro look. These alloy wheels are wider than stock, with the front measuring 2.75 inches, and the rear at 3.50 inches. They feature an eight-hole design, and are made out of machined aluminum. They give the bike a more rugged appearance, too. Best of all, they're compatible with the bike's stock braking system and sprocket, so it's pretty much a direct bolt-on installation. It retails for 181,500 Yen, which translates to about $1,391 USD. 

Deck Out Your Honda Monkey 125 With These Custom Parts From G-Craft

Up next, G-Craft also released a new aluminum swingarm that makes use of thicker piping for a burlier aesthetic. This made-to-order swingarm makes use of a 60 x 25-millimeter central pipe that matches the proportions of the Monkey's frame. It mounts directly on to the bearing-pivot of the bike's frame, and is equipped with a cross-section pipe to provide extra rigidity. The stabilizer at the bottom of the swingarm is an optional add-on, and the part is available without it, as well. G-Craft is asking for 88,000 Yen, or roughly $674 USD, for the custom swingarm. 

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