Take a look at what can be done with the Honda DAX 125, courtesy of SP Takegawa. The Japanese accessories maker has a lot of pieces for the little lightweight minibike from Team Red, and it’s all on display in this build.

Young Machine picked up on this bike and published the story in December of last year. The little DAX 125 is a bit of a RideApart favorite, as it appeared on both Jason and Janni’s lists for their top five anticipated bikes in 2023. The little Honda’s indeed quite a charmer, designed with character and a retro aesthetic but with a modern powertrain. 

SP Takegawa Honda Dax 125

The “SP” in SP Takegawa stands for “Special Parts,” and the build has accessories and bolt-ons that are made by Kitako and SP Takegawa that are lined up as Genuine Honda products. Perhaps the most eye-catching part of the build is the dual-exit muffler that extends up the body of the Dax. It’s also covered by some chromed exhaust heat shields in a retro style that’s in keeping with the Dax’s personality. 

Following that, it’s a buffet of parts and equipment such as the handle guard, a center carrier, a custom seat, a luggage rack with a side bag, and a ton of other blingy accessories in the mix. As for the costs and part list, here it is: 

  • Rear shock absorber (vehicle height/damping adjustment type) ¥61,600 JPY
  • Aluminum billet lever (folding type) ¥16,280 JPY
  • Master cylinder guard ¥3,080 JPY
  • Adjustable step kit ¥15,180 JPY
  • Handle guard ¥8,250 JPY
  • Knuckle guard ¥8,580 JPY
  • Aluminum center carrier set ¥19,800 JPY
  • Side bag support ¥14,080 JPY
  • Touring bag S ¥5,280 JPY
  • Cushion seat cover (tuck roll/brown) ¥5,280 JPY
  • Scrambler muffler ¥68,200 JPY
  • Cylinder head L. side cover ¥8,580 JPY
  • R. crankcase protector ¥10,450 JPY
  • Oil filter cover (fin type) ¥4,950 JPY
  • Generator plug set ¥4,620 JPY
  • Headlight stay (chrome plated) ¥12,980 JPY
  • Main switch cover ¥1,650 JPY
  • Accessory bar end ¥5,830 JPY
  • Z mirror set ¥4,180 JPY
  • Front fork top bolt ¥6,380 JPY
  • Stem nut ¥3,300 JPY

Gallery: Custom Honda DAX 125 SP Takegawa

The total cost of all these parts is somewhere in the ballpark of $2,100 USD, converted from ¥282,150 JPY based on the parts list provided by Young Machine

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