BMW Motorrad Malaysia has recently unveiled its latest offerings in the form of the R 1250 R and BMW R 1250 RS. These sporty tourers have been designed to perfectly complement the dynamic nature of sports touring, with innovative features that set them apart from other bikes on the market.

Hans de Visser, the Managing Director of BMW Group Malaysia, has spoken about the company's rich heritage of innovation and how it has enabled them to deliver powerful advancements tailored to the diverse desires of motorcycling enthusiasts around the world. According to de Visser, the New BMW R 1250 R and BMW R 1250 RS are the latest examples of the company's commitment to innovation and excellence. He notes that these bikes have been designed to meet the needs of modern riders, with features and technology that are tailored to the demands of sport touring.

2023 BMW R 1250 RS - Front Left Angle View

The New BMW R 1250 R and BMW R 1250 RS are designed to offer riders two distinct experiences on the road. The BMW R 1250 R is a purist roadster that has been honed and advanced to deliver even more pleasure for solo or pillion riding on winding country roads. This bike is perfect for riders who crave the thrill of the open road and want a bike that can handle whatever the journey throws at them. 

On the other hand, the BMW R 1250 RS is the ultimate sporty, dynamic touring machine. This bike is designed for riders who demand the highest levels of performance and want a bike that can keep up with their adventurous spirit. With its advanced technological features, comfortable riding position, and sleek design, the BMW R 1250 RS is sure to turn heads on any road. Whether you're cruising along the coast or taking on challenging twisty roads, this bike is designed to offer the ultimate sport touring experience.

2023 BMW R 1250 RS - Display Closeup

Both models boast a powerful 1,254cc Boxer engine that delivers smooth, reliable performance, along with a range of advanced technological features that make them an excellent choice for riders who value both style and substance. 

In the Malaysian market, the BMW R 1250 R and R 1250 RS unsurprisingly command quite a hefty premium. Priced at RM 114,500, about $25,584 USD, and RM 118,500 – $26,478 USD – respectively, they're among the most expensive sport-tourers in the market today. 

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