It’s the end of June 2023, and moto manufacturers are starting to roll out their 2024 updates to get everyone excited for the coming year. BMW Motorrad USA’s first batch of 2024 bikes include a selection of new colors on returning favorites, Option 719 packages, and one significant update to several models: Intelligent Emergency Call as a standard and/or optional feature on certain bikes. 

For the first time, in the US and Canadian markets, BMW Motorrad will offer its Intelligent Emergency Call feature on the following models: 

Bike  Optional or Standard 
2024 BMW F 900 R and XR  Optional 
2024 BMW K 1600  Standard 
2024 BMW R 1250  Standard 
2024 BMW R 18 B and Transcontinental  Standard 
2024 BMW S 1000 R and RR  Standard 
2024 BMW CE 04  Standard 

On 2024 BMW bikes outfitted with the Intelligent Emergency Call feature, riders will find a new SOS button with a cover on the right-side handlebar, complete with both a loudspeaker and a microphone so riders can communicate in the event of an emergency. The system uses BMW Motorrad Connected Services to relay a call to a BMW agent who can then connect the rider to the appropriate emergency services in their area. If a bike with IEC installed should crash or suffer a fall, this feature will automatically activate and place a call so the rider can obtain appropriate assistance. 

Additionally, all 2024 BMW M motorcycles now include BMW Ultimate Care Break-In Service at 600 miles as part of their sale to their new owners. 

Gallery: 2024 BMW Returning Models

BMW Motorrad USA also announced new colors and pricing information for its returning 2024 models as follows:

Model  New 2024 Colors  US MSRP 
2024 BMW CE 04  Imperial Blue Metallic (on the Avantgarde Package)  $12,195 
2024 BMW C 400 GT  Imperial Blue Metallic (on the Style Exclusive)  $8,245 
2024 BMW G 310 R  Racing Blue Metallic (on the Style Sport) and Granite Grey Metallic (on the Style Passion) $4,995 
2024 BMW G 310 GS  Racing Red (on Style Rallye)  $5,695
2024 BMW F 900 R  Style Triple Black (replaces Style Exclusive/Bluestone Metallic)  $8,995
2024 BMW F 900 XR  Racing Blue Metallic 2 (on Style Sport) $11,695
2024 BMW R 18  Black Storm Metallic and Vintage, Style Option 719 Velvet Green Metallic  $14,995 
2024 BMW R 18 Classic Black Storm Metallic and Vintage, Style Option 719 Moon Stone Mineral White Metallic $17,995 
2024 BMW R 18 Roctane (new model for 2024, but recently announced)  Black Storm Metallic, Manhattan Metallic Matte, Mineral Grey Metallic Matte $18,695 
2024 BMW R 18 B  Racing Blue Metallic, Style Option 719 Black Pearl Black Storm Metallic 2  $19,945 
2024 BMW R 18 Transcontinental  Racing Blue Metallic, Style Option 719 Moon Stone Mineral White Metallic  $23,995
2024 BMW R 1250 RT Racing Blue Metallic 2  $19,995
2024 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure  Racing Blue Metallic (on Style Rallye)  $20,745 
2024 BMW K 1600 GT  Style Option 719 Havanna Meteoric Dust 2 Metallic  $24,295
2024 BMW K 1600 GTL  Style Option 719 Havanna Meteoric Dust 2 Metallic $27,295 
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