On June 21, 2023, BMW Motorrad proudly rolled its one millionth boxer-engine-equipped GS motorcycle off the assembly line. The bike is a Triple Black R 1250 GS, and the BMW Motorrad team hosted a celebration of this major milestone in the company’s history during a works meeting at the Berlin-Spandau plant where it all came together. 

2023 is a major year for BMW Motorrad, as the company celebrates its 100th anniversary and plans for its massive annual festival, BMW Motorrad Days, which will take place in Berlin in July. Like any major OEM, BMW Motorrad isn’t content to stand still—so of course it’s constantly working on upgrades, innovations, and future creations in the background, at all levels. 

As the millionth boxer-equipped GS rolled off the line, BMW also officially announced when the all-new R 1300 GS will receive its formal introduction. If you’ve been waiting to find out more about this bike, mark your calendars for September 28, 2023. According to BMW, the R 1300 GS will officially make its worldwide debut during the opening ceremony of BMW Motorrad Welt Berlin on that date. 

Gallery: BMW Motorrad celebrates 1 Millionth GS

Although BMW has been making motorcycles for 100 years, it wasn’t until the fateful year of 1980 that the Motorrad’s first-ever GS model equipped with a boxer engine rolled off the line. Still, from our lofty perch in 2023, it’s impossible to imagine the course of BMW Motorrad history without it.  

Ask a random person on the street what comes to mind when they think of BMW Motorrad, and those who don’t ride might say “don’t they make cars?” However, if you ask a rider about BMW Motorrad, it’s very often some version of the GS that's instantly top of mind. 

The BMW Motorrad Welt facility—an all-new construction—will be located directly next to the BMW Motorrad plant site in Berlin-Spandau. While plenty of people will be on hand in person to witness this momentous occasion, don’t worry if you’re not planning to be in the area. BMW also plans to livestream the big reveal via multiple social media channels, so you can see the whole thing for yourself from wherever you are. 

If you’re interested in visiting BMW Motorrad Welt once it’s open, it will officially open to the public on September 30, 2023. So, if you’re planning a trip to visit BMW HQ after that date, it’s one more place that you’ll be able to visit in the future. 

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