These days, there are tons of options available when it comes to motorcycle-specific shoes and sneakers. In terms of styling, too, the sky's the limit, as gear and equipment makers have deliberately designed riding shoes to be nearly indistinguishable from their fashionable counterparts. That said, not everyone can afford a pair of moto-specific shoes, or perhaps, for whatever reason, some folks prefer to ride in their favorite pair of boots.

This is where products like Fastway's Universal Selector Reinforcement come into play. This is especially true if you ride a manual transmission motorcycle, as the frequent use of the shift lever when shifting up can very quickly wear away on the upper portion of your shoe. This is even applicable to some motorcycle-specific sneakers, especially those stylized to look less like motorcycle shoes and more like sneakers or old-fashioned boots. That being said, most other moto-specific footwear comes equipped with a selector reinforcement, made either out of rubber, leather, or any other textile. 

Fastway's Universal Selector Reinforcement is exactly that, a universal solution for folks looking to preserve their shoes while riding their motorcycle. It's essentially a thick leather pad that straps onto your shoe via an elastic band. A second elastic band is then used to secure the protector to your laces, to prevent it from falling off while you ride. Once you get to your destination, simply undo the velcro strap and keep it in your bag for when you hit the road again. 

Now, of course, we recommend donning full and approved riding gear when going out on longer rides. However, many riders, myself included, tend to dress down when riding around town or in the city. As such, Fastway's Universal Selector Reinforcement is a quick, easy, and cheap way to reinforce your regular old shoes for light motorcycle use around town. It retails for just 4.99 Euros, or around $5.33 USD. 

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