With spring just a few weeks away in many parts of the northern hemisphere, a lot of people have already begun taking their bikes out of storage in preparation for the riding season to come. Now's also the best time to go gear shopping, as most gear and equipment manufacturers have already begun rolling out their new collections for 2023. 

One such brand is DXR, a relatively new French manufacturer of motorcycle gear and equipment. The brand has released a new pair of riding shoes to appeal to road-going, performance-oriented sportbike riders. It's called the Pivot Short, and it borrows styling cues from racing boots, but packages it in a more comfort-focused, street-oriented design. Offering a similar look, and likewise similar protective elements as that of the DXR Pivot racing boot. The Pivot short keeps things simpler with a low-cut design making it easier to wear and offering more range of motion. 

On the top of the boot, we find abrasion-resistant synthetic microfiber materials. DXR has also incorporated lots of protective elements in the malleolus, as well as additional reinforcements on the heel and toe to protect against impacts. Furthermore, there's also a slider on the toe area and the heel. This is removable and can be replaced once it's completely been worn out. Last but not least, there's a reinforcement on the top of the shoe for the shifter. All these protective elements merit the DXR Pivot Short a Level 1221 IPA PPE certification in accordance to the EN13634 standard.

As for the comfort element, DXR throws in gussets on the rear and the instep of facilitate movement. There are also vents on the outside to keep your feet cool on spirited rides, as well as a long zipper that runs across the side of the boot to make wearing and removal much easier. DXR offers the Pivot Short in sizes ranging from 39 to 47, with a single color on offer—black with white accents. It retails at a fairly reasonable 139.90 Euros, or approximately $149 USD.

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