The convergence of style and functionality is what all gear and equipment manufacturers aspire to. It’s an added bonus if they can do so while offering their goods at attractive prices. This is where big brands with a large portfolio of products come into play. Take for example, Motoblouz, a French retailer of gear and equipment that not only sells gear from some of the most popular brands, but also has a number of in-house brands of its own.

It’s through these economies of scale that Motoblouz is able to lower prices on its in-house brands. Not only do its affordable options make motorcycling safer and more accessible to young riders and folks on a budget, but they also differentiate themselves clearly from the premium segment, meaning they don’t necessarily cannibalize on sales of high-end, branded gear. One of the brands under DXR’s in-house portfolio is DXR, a brand known for its affordable, stylish, and protective riding shoes. Its newest offering has cold weather riders in mind, but can equally be worn as the winter gradually transitions to spring.

Funnily enough, DXR’s newest kicks are called the Bebop sneaker. While it has nothing to do with jazz fashion—if that’s even a thing—the Bebop sneakers are certainly stylized in such a way that they’re nearly indistinguishable from casual apparel. This means they’re perfect for folks who ride their bikes for reasons other than just riding; say, to school, the office, or to run some errands. The Bebop is finished in black leather with a trendy white sole. The only thing that makes it clearly a motorcycle sneaker is the DXR logo embossed on the side.

Diving right into the meat and potatoes, the DXR Bebop is made out of leather panels providing excellent abrasion resistance. The mid-cut riding sneaker is secured via standard laces, with a buckle at the back making it easier to wear and remove the shoe. There are also extra protective elements such as reinforcements on the toe, heel, as well as the malleolus. The ankle area is also reinforced by an additional layer of leather, preventing injuries from twisting and crushing forces. Thanks to all these features, the Bebop is certified according to the EN13634 standard.

On the inside of the shoe, DXR has incorporated a breathable air mesh fabric liner mated with a waterproof membrane to ensure all-weather wearability. Pricing and availability wise, the Bebop is surprisingly affordable at just 119.90 Euros, which makes it about $130 USD. The Bebop is offered in only one black colorway, and in sizes ranging from 39 to 47.

French Gear Maker DXR Rolls Out The New Bebop Riding Sneakers
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