Riding in the rain is tons of fun, but can be quite tedious, especially given all the prep work you need to do prior to riding out. For starters, there’s the task of ensuring you have waterproof luggage to keep your personal belongings. Then there’s the issue of packing a change of clothes—if you’re riding to work or school, as well as choosing riding gear that’ll keep you as dry as possible.

Having said that, whenever I ride in the rain, I don’t really mind getting wet from my waist up, but I prefer keeping my legs and feet as dry as possible. Now, there are a lot of waterproof riding boots available in the market, but a lot of them cost hundreds of dollars. However, a new pair of waterproof riding sneakers from French brand DXR looks to change that. A brand under the Motoblouz umbrella, DXR specializes in urban-style riding gear that’s safe, stylish, and doesn’t break the bank. Such is the case with the Crunck sneakers.

If you’d excuse its weird name, the Crunck is an urban-style sneaker that’s completely waterproof. It’s constructed out of synthetic textile panels that look and feel like leather, as well as offer excellent abrasion resistance. Inside the shoe is a mesh lining that allows breathability and moisture wicking. It’s also equipped with a waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry in the event of rain showers.

Those of you who wear lace-up boots would be familiar with the time-consuming process of wearing them. The DXR Crunck changes this with a BOA closure system that makes use of a wheel at the top of the tongue to tighten the laces. This makes it easy to wear, secure to fit, and has zero possibility of snagging on the bike’s pegs and controls. Meanwhile, on the safety side of the equation, the DXR Crunck gets a thick rubber sole, protectors on the malleolus, reinforcements surrounding the toebox, and abrasion resistant elements at the heel and ankle. As such, it garners CE certification in accordance with the EN13634: 2017 standard.

As for pricing and availability, the DXR Crunck is offered in just one black and white colorway, and ranges in size from 39 to 47. It retails for an affordable 119.90 Euros, which makes out to around $117 USD.

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