Leatherwork is a craft that has been around for centuries, and it’s not uncommon for some leather pieces to last decades with proper care, maintenance, and even the occasional repair from time to time.

In the world of motorcycling, it’s all too common for riders to buy a new piece of gear whenever old ones wear out or kiss the asphalt. I, myself, am guilty of using a crash as an excuse to buy a shiny new piece of gear in order to replace the one I just dusted. Personally, I could just look for a shop and replace the gear that I just ripped a hole through, but a repair may mean compromised safety in the area that was just crashed in. If you’ve heard of survivorship bias, then you’d understand my worry. In other words, if I crash again, but in that repaired area again, will I still be protected?

Motorcyclists need more shops like Anthony’s Leatherworks, either that or we need more branches of Anthony’s leatherworks. Based in Coron del Mar in Southern California, the shop’s name is a bit unassuming at first, that is, until you see the frontage of the shop with all sorts of leathers and bikes on display.

Motorcycle.com paid a visit to the shop and snapped a bunch of pictures and availed of their services, and you can check out their experience by clicking the link listed among our sources after the article.

Anyway, Anthony’s provides motorcyclists with a wide range of services, and it’s not just fixing holes in your leathers caused by a track mishap. The shop also offers repair services for zippers/sliders, buckles, buttons, velcro, plastic, rubber, shoulder pads, straps, linings, meshings, and specialty/synthetic materials.

You can also avail of alteration services that include adding flex zones, altering the fit, and even leather customization. If you have a leather piece that’s faded, Anthony’s can breathe new life back into the color, restoring the dyes back to almost new condition. They also do boots and shoes, so if you have a pair that’s worn out or if the sole is separating from the upper, they can also accommodate your request among a bunch of other motorcycle-related stuff. So whether it's a custom job or a repair job, Anthony’s is worth a look and a visit. 

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