Riding at the race track may not come with the same hazards as riding on the road, but with speeds climbing higher than any posted roadway limits, protection is paramount. To safeguard track riders in all situations, Italian motorcycle gear supplier MTech presents the new Ring Replica one-piece leather racing suit.

As a spin-off of Italy’s leather manufacturer, Mastrotto Group, MTech is well qualified to outfit track-going riders, and the brand constructs the Ring Replica with a combination of 1.2-1.3mm thick L-Power cowhide and 0.9-1.0mm thick kangaroo leather. A double layer of leather at the hips and seat of the pants provide additional impact protection while safety seams keep the suit from coming apart in a slide.

High-tenacity Profiber and neoprene inserts maintain protection while also optimizing comfort. MTech’s External Compound Shield protectors at the shoulders, elbows, and knees absorb shocks while the internal PE pads at the hips and arms further reinforce the Ring Replica’s protective leather shell. Of course, interchangeable knee and elbow sliders not only provide a reference for the rider but also shield the suit from extra abrasion.

The Ring Replica certainly boasts a ton of protection in standard form, but riders can boost the safety with a back protector and chest pad. The MTech suit even accommodates a third-party electronically-deployed airbag. When it comes to comfort, the brand overlooks nothing as well. The perforated leather amplifies airflow for warm weather riding. Stretch panels adapt to different body types but pre-formed arms and legs prioritize proper sportbike ergos. A removable polyester inner liner also enhances ventilation and elastic neoprene wrists, ankles, and collar increases comfort.

MTech offers the Ring Replica one-piece leather suit in European sizes 44 through 58. However, online retailer WheelUp is the sole supplier of the advanced race suit and it retails for €599 ($640 USD).

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