On August 1, 2022, REV’IT! announced the acquisition of Italian custom leather road racing suit specialist Vircos. The latter company has been around for about 30 years, and the pair first formally began collaborating in 2007. With REV’IT!s roots in adventure riding, and Vircos’ specialization in road racing, their two strengths were and are very complementary. 

That, of course, is why in 2022, REV’IT! and Vircos have opted to take their partnership further. Together, they feel they can make a particularly strong contribution to the motorsports world. Through this acquisition, REV’IT! will gain the decades of technical and experiential knowledge that Vircos has developed over the course of its tenure in crafting custom leathers for riders. This, in turn, will enhance REV’IT!s ability to potentially offer personalization on its own products in the future. 

“We are naturally attracted to people who share our values, a common vision of business and of life,” Vircos founder Aldo de Agnoi said in a statement.  

“We see REV’IT! as the perfect partner. That is why a merger between the two companies has been signed. We are sure this decision will be proven to be the right choice,” he concluded. 

“Vircos has been a loyal and trusted partner over the years,” REV'IT! managing director Ivan Vos said in a statement. 

“Securing a bright future for the company for many years to come is important for both Vircos and REV’IT! In this new configuration, the strength of the REV’IT! brand and the skills and expertise of the Vircos team will amplify one another, taking us to new places,” he added. 

Of course, only time will tell what comes from this merger, but the strategic thinking certainly makes sense. If REV’IT! wants to expand its offerings to reach more riders, acquiring Vircos and greatly enhancing its offerings in a more road-racing-focused segment seems like a reasonable choice.  

With REV’IT!s home base in the Netherlands, and Vircos’ base in Italy, it’s not clear at this point whether the plan is for Vircos to maintain its own identity under the larger REV’IT! umbrella, or how the two entities will choose to present themselves to the world. All that should become clear in the coming months, as the companies acclimate to this change and move forward. 

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