Two of the motorcycling industry’s most popular aftermarket gear and accessory makers, REV’IT! and Touratech, have joined forces to deliver what could quite possibly be the ultimate adventure suit. Building up on Touratech’s flagship Compañero suit, REV’IT! has incorporated some of its industry expertise to beef it up even further, thereby improving its comfort, enhancing its safety, and elevating its practicality even further.

The Compañero Rambler brings a whole host of adventure-ready technology and features to the table such as superior ventilation, protection, and waterproofing. It does this by combining all the highest levels of armor, as well as cutting edge GORE-TEX ProShell technology. This provides utmost comfort, protection, and practicality designed specifically for rides which take you well beyond the confines of civilization and paved roads.

Touratech And REV’IT! Join Forces To Create The Ultimate ADV Suit

The Compañero Rambler boasts superb cooling via REV’IT!’s patented Ventilation Control System (VCS). It allows the rider to open flaps situated on the chest which allow ample airflow through the jacket. These flaps are held open by FIDLOCK magnets, and can be opened and closed with one hand, even while in motion. The entire jacket is coated with a waterproof lining, ensuring you stay 100 percent warm and dry, even while riding amidst a torrential downpour.

As far as protection is concerned the Compañero Rambler makes use of a whole host of fancy, patented technology such as SEEFLEX, SEESOFT, and SEESMART—all of which are incorporated into the suit’s high-impact protectors for your back, shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees—with elbow and knee pads which are adjustable to ensure a perfect fit. Abrasion-resistant ARMACOR reinforced with Kevlar threads are also strategically placed in areas most prone to injury in the event of a slide.

Touratech And REV’IT! Join Forces To Create The Ultimate ADV Suit

The two companies have left no stone unturned, and have equipped the suit with an expansive range of adjustability to fit different body types. Straps on the chest, back, calf, and forearms all ensure a snug fit. This goes a long way in improving comfort and reducing wind blast, especially on longer rides in inclement weather. Lastly, the suit comes equipped with a detachable kidney belt which doubles as a lightweight utility belt to store change, cards, and other personal belongings apart, of course, from keeping your innards secure whilst traversing gnarly terrain.

The Comapñero Rambler is available for both men and women, and is sold individually as a jacket and pants. The jacket will set you back a rather steep $1,299 USD, while the pants cost $899. Now, an ADV suit that costs north of $2,000 USD is truly quite the premium bit of kit. However, if you’re one who takes ADV riding very seriously, then it’s certainly a worthy investment.

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