Spring is upon us. As riding season ramps up, motorcyclists can’t turn to their favorite summer wear just yet. After all, April showers bring May flowers and one should dress accordingly. While the weather may be a bit unpredictable, there’s no reason your kit shouldn’t handle everything mother nature throws at you. At least, that’s what Touratech believes, and its new Compañero Rambler suit is ready to take on all the elements, including the element of surprise.

Composed of GoreTex three-layer laminate, Touratech’s new suit stresses protection while withstanding inclement weather conditions. The waterproof outer layer ensures comfort in the wet while high breathability keeps the rider dry during the most physically demanding riding. Touratech also applies the Armacor reinforced, 600 nylon GoreTex material to abrasion prone areas. Should the rider go down, armor at the shoulders, hips, elbows, knees, and back provide robust impact protection. Users can retrofit a chest protector and the Compañero Rambler qualifies as Class AA protective clothing (just below a leather suit).

Touratech Compañero Rambler Suit - Women's
Touratech Compañero Rambler Suit - Men's

Aside from protection and weather-resistance, Touratech also caters to the user’s comfort with its new adventure suit. Straps at the arms, torso, and legs allow riders to tailor the fit to their dimensions. A zipper at the jacket’s waist also provides some extra breathing room when sitting. Anti-slip fabric in the seat of the pants delivers extra grip under hard braking and an adjoining zipper protects from drafts.

Should the rider encounter even cooler temps, the detachable kidney belt, storm collar, and inner jacket conserve body heat while shielding against cold environs. However, the Compañero Rambler handles hot days just as readily. Dual front zip fastening zones supply a breath of fresh air while ventilation flaps at the front and adjustable vents at the rear amplify airflow.

The Compañero Rambler comes in black or gray colorways for men with sizes running from 48 to 60 (EU). Men’s Rambler jacket retails for €881.47 ($1,042 USD) and the trousers cost €616.76 ($729 USD). Women only have the gray option to choose from and sizes range from 34 to 46 (EU). The MSRP for the women’s jacket is €837.35 ($990 USD) and the pants go for €572.65 ($677 USD).

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