Motorcycle boots, for many, are an essential part of the two-wheeled lifestyle. Personally, I like to wear motorcycle-approved footwear pretty much every time I ride my bike beyond my neighborhood—even more so when I go on longer rides out of town. Touring boots are a particular favorite of mine, as they combine sporty looks with long-distance comfort. 

There are quite a lot of options when it comes to riding boots currently in the market, and German equipment specialist Daytona adds to the already dizzying number of touring boots on offer. Now, Daytona has been in the motorcycle-approved footwear game since 1963, so it goes without saying that the company knows a thing or two about good quality. That said, Daytona welcomes the 2023 riding season—which for a lot of people is starting out very, very cold—with a new pair of riding boots called the M-Star GTX. 

German Gear Maker Daytona Launches The New M-Star GTX Touring Boots

With a sleek design and sizable leather panels, the M-Star GTX leans toward the sportier end of the spectrum in terms of aesthetics. The boots are made of waxed cowhide leather and are intended for usage in the winter or in the middle of the year. In addition, the model has a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex membrane that prevents water from entering while also allowing for appropriate ventilation in hot weather.

The Daytona M-Star GTX boots have interior cushioning beneath the coverings to minimize discomfort, as well as an opening mechanism with a zipper and flaps on each side of the foot for quicker wearing. The boots also include gussets on the back and front of the foot, for added range of motion, and an anatomical sole with a rubber heel that is slightly elevated for better grip when you place your feet on the ground.

Last but not least, safety is not neglected as there are reinforcements and protective components on the malleolus and tibia in addition to internal sole reinforcements, a PU selector reinforcement, and other external and internal aspects. These offer the boot a harder-wearing finish and protect users from injuries caused by twisting and crushing forces resulting from a drop or crash. All of these characteristics enable the M-Star GTX to achieve PPE certification in accordance with the EN 13634:2017 standard.

Pricing and availability-wise, Daytona's M-Star GTX boots are listed for a rather premium price of 472.95 Euros, which makes out to about $513 USD. The boots are sized ranging from 40 to 45, with only one black colorway on offer. 

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