Nowadays, motorcycle gear is as much about style as it is protection. Let’s face it, nobody wants to look dorky while riding their motorcycle, and gear and equipment manufacturers know this. Luckily, advancements in materials technology have brought about riding apparel that, from an aesthetic perspective, is nearly indistinguishable from its fashion-centric counterpart.

Of course, there are several brands who specialize in gear of this aesthetic, and one of them is Segura, a French gear and equipment specialist who’s known specifically for producing quality gear with a neo-retro flair. That said, Segura rounds out the winter riding season with a new pair of gloves called the Sparks, designed to keep your mitts warm as you keep riding as winter draws to a close.

French Gear Maker Segura Launches The New Sparks Winter Gloves

The Sparks gloves have cross stitching on the fingertips and vintage-style motifs on a softshell fabric. Goatskin was used on the palm side by the equipment maker to ensure abrasion resistance and provide good tactile response for the controls. They also include a waterproof membrane and a 120-gram thermal lining to enable use in chilly climates.

For extra resistance to the cold, the Sparks’ cuffs extend to the base of the forearm and make use of a dual tightening system for extra support. Comfort gussets are also positioned on the fingers and the back of the hand to provide unhampered range of motion. Lastly, Segura ensures convenience by fitting the index and middle fingers with a touchscreen-compatible insert.

On the protection side of the equation, the Segura Sparks winter gloves feature leather reinforcements on the palm, and a protective shell on the metacarpals. All these features allow the glove to carry a PPE certification according to the EN 13594:2015 standard, all while maintaining a stylish and classic styling. Segura offers the Sparks in both men’s and women’s versions, in just one black colorway. They retail starting at 74.90 Euros, or the equivalent of $81.30 USD.

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