Indian electric mobility startup Ultraviolette knows how to generate hype. The brand’s sharp-looking F77 roadster propelled the small company to instant stardom, with e-motorcycle enthusiasts clambering for the performance-oriented model. Ultraviolette isn’t letting up anytime soon either. At this year’s Auto Expo in Greater Noida, India, the firm continued building momentum—and hype—by unveiling its F99 Racing Platform.

The track-biased model looks race-developed but it borrows heavily from Ultraviolette’s street-legal F77. On the other hand, the F77’s closed-course cousin adapts to the circuit with a 120V powertrain instead of the standard 60V system.

While the e-roadster manages just over 40 horsepower, the F99 ratchets up the output to 65 ponies. That extra oomph powers the electric motorcycle to a 200 km/h (124-mph) top speed. Ultraviolette pairs the F99’s up-spec tune with aerodynamic winglets on the side fairings and tail unit. A face plate replaces the headlight and provides additional wind-splitting functionality while the Moto3-esque rear aerodisk wheel reduces drag.


Ultraviolette engineers shifted the rider triangle to promote an aggressive stance, but users can personalize the ergonomics with adjustable foot pegs. Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa slicks deliver all the edge grip needed on the circuit. When the rider sends it into the braking zone, a four-pot ByBre caliper clamps a dinner plate-sized rotor up front and a single-piston binder bites a single disc at the rear. Despite its racing application, the F99 ensures safety with two-channel ABS.

Saving precious grams, Ultraviolette employs carbon fiber bodywork and even equipped the single-seat configuration with a slimmer saddle. After pulling the covers off the F99, Ultraviolette confirmed its intention to start a race series in the coming years.

“The world of racing is extremely challenging as it forces the vehicle to be pushed beyond its limit, and this is what leads to innovation,” Ultraviolette CEO Narayan Subramaniam told India Today. “The F99 Factory Racing Platform led us to think beyond conventional technologies in the EV space today. We are confident that the innovation emerging from the F99 Factory Racing Platform will make its way to the public in the future.”

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