It’s June, 2022, and for the most part, motorcycle sales continue to stay strong in most markets. Of course, not everyone wants a completely new bike. Some people just want a bike that’s new to them, for any number of reasons. Project bikes are one thing, as long as you’re going into it with open eyes—but if you want to pick up a used bike that you know you’ll be able to ride, what do you do?  

If you’re in the U.K., and you’re thinking of picking up a used Yamaha, the company has a solid new option for you to consider. It’s called YOU Certified Pre-Owned, and it’s Yamaha Motor U.K.’s guaranteed used bike platform for prospective buyers located in the United Kingdom. The idea, of course, is to give you some peace of mind along with your used bike purchase—as long as it’s a fairly recent Yamaha, of course. 

What does the CPO offer? In 2022, all bikes sold by Yamaha Motor Europe N.V., Branch UK must be 2016 or newer models. Other qualifications criteria include the following: 

  • The vehicle registration number (VRN) and vehicle identification number (VIN) will be thoroughly checked in Yamaha’s database 
  • Each vehicle accepted must have a complete service history 
  • Any vehicles that are more than three years old must have a valid Minister of Transport (MOT) certificate 
  • Bikes must pass a 49-point inspection; scooters must pass a 47-point inspection 

There are two more important things to note about bikes in Yamaha’s CPO program. For one thing, you’ll only find on-road motorcycles for sale. Currently, off-road and competition models are not part of the program. Additionally, Northern Ireland is not participating in this program at the present time. 

What kinds of bikes can you expect to find available in Yamaha’s CPO program? As of June 13, 2022, there are several pages of late-model bikes to consider, in your choice of everything from a 2021 MT-125 on up to an R1M or an XJR1300. Want a scooter? You can find TMAXes, XMAXes, and D’elights aplenty in the database. There’s even at least one Niken GT, if your preference for number of wheels be three. 

The CPO vehicles are offered at dealerships throughout the U.K. As always, the exact bike you want may not necessarily be located in a shop close to your location, but some shops offer nice perks like free delivery within 100 miles of wherever they’re located. With fuel prices on the rise, it seems likely that the interest in riding isn’t going away any time soon—and knowing that free delivery is still a possibility right now could be another point in your favor, if you’re looking to buy. 

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