With the weather starting to warm up in a lot of places in the Northern Hemisphere, as well as summertime well and truly in full swing in multiple parts of Asia, there’s no better time than now to get back riding our motorcycles. For many people, myself included, the start of warmer weather is also a good time to do some spring cleaning—not just of my house and garage, but of my wardrobe, too.

When the weather is warm, it’s always best to be dressed for the ride. This means donning lighter, more breathable riding gear that allows us to enjoy the sunshine and breeze, but of course, without compromising safety and protection. Several gear manufacturers are already introducing their spring and summer collections, so now may be a good time for some shopping.

French gear and equipment manufacturer Ixon has always hit the nail on the head when it comes to the perfect balance of the trifecta of riding gear—style, safety, and price. For its 2022 spring and summer collection, Ixon has introduced a new pair of riding pants called the Fresh Pant. Yes, you’re probably not the first to snicker upon reading that, but alas, that’s what Ixon’s calling it’s new pants. As the name suggests, the Fresh Pant is designed to keep you looking and feeling, well, fresh, and its light beige colorway is indeed very cool to the eyes.

Ixon Releases Breezy Fresh Riding Pants In Time For Warmer Weather

As you can see, Ixon’s newest trousers are very, very ventilated, so much so that you’re pretty much just wearing mesh over your legs. It is, however, constructed out of a highly abrasion-resistant 600D Polyester synthetic fabric where it matters most—on the top of the pants and the insides of the calves. The rest is made out of a selection of hard mesh panels. Additional and much-needed protection comes in the form of CE-certified Level 1 knee protectors. All these safety features merit the pants a Class A PPE safety rating in accordance with the EN17092 standard.

Additional features include two zipper pockets for a touch of convenience on city rides. It secures itself onto your waist via a zip and snap closure, and features additional reflective striping on the sides for added visibility. Lastly, the inner part of the pants gets an elastic area to allow maximum range of motion when on the bike or simply walking on the streets. The new Ixon Fresh Pant is available in two color options—beige and black, and retails for 149.99 Euros, or the equivalent of $162 USD.

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