Potholes are a motorist’s worst nightmare. They cause flats, mechanical damage, and accidents if not approached with extra caution. However, there is an invention created by the students of the Politecnico di Milano that won a Dyson Award in 2021. 

To solve the everyday dilemma of potholes, five students, Luca Grosso, Silvana Migliozzi, Alessio Pulco, Zöe Schnegg, and Xueyan Niu all came together in a project that eliminates potholes. On its concept image, the text reads: “No more accidents caused by potholes thanks to sponsored road repairing.” 

Only one worker will be needed to operate the road repair, cutting down on the manpower required in order to fill in the hole. Traditionally, a road crew is necessary to fix a pothole. Aside from that, the team requires heavy machinery in order to conduct the repairs. The invention seeks to cover up a hole in a compact and efficient package. 

Roadfix Dyson Award 2021

On top of this, it is also a platform for advertisers. Brands can slap their logo on the side of the Roadfix device, and there is a special roller that can also deboss the brand logo over the concrete. The company whose brand name will appear will sponsor the repair. 

It’s a novel way to get the show on the road. Instead of waiting for a whole team to patch up the road, this device could lead to quick and efficient repairs, as well as enhanced road safety for all cars, motorcycles, and as well as cyclists. 

Roadfix Dyson Award 2021

According to the system map, Roadfix will work directly with the advertising and private companies to provide the branding service. The companies and advertising companies will work with the municipality involved, bringing benefit to the citizens of a particular city. 

You can check out the product on the James Dyson Award website. It's currently featured and the future plans state that a prototype will be developed for testing. 

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