With winter in most regions nearing the end, that means that the 2022 riding season right about to start. What better way to get into the riding spirit than by upgrading your riding gear? The 2022 season is full of new and exciting gear options from all of your favorite manufacturers. Ixon, a popular French gear maker, is not letting itself get left behind with its newest riding boots in the form of the Ranker WP. 

The Ranker WP sits in the middle of full-on winter gear and summer gear in a sense that it offers adequate ventilation while being waterproof and insulated at the same time. As such, you could say that the Ranker WP is a mid-season piece of gear. At a glance, the Ranker features sporty styling accentuated by dashes of vibrant color. It's made out of a polyurethane microfiber that gives it a leatherette finish. Inside the shoe, a waterproof yet breathable membrane protects your feet against the cold and rain, while allowing for adequate ventilation when temperatures rise. 

Ixon Releases Ranker WP Riding Shoes

Accompanying the liner is a moisture-wicking mesh interior for maximum comfort especially on long hours on the saddle. The shoe fits snuggly thanks to a ATOP rack buckle closure, similar to what we find on some of Ixon's more performance-oriented offerings. Meanwhile, the Ranker WP doesn't compromise on safety despite its casual styling thanks to numerous reinforced areas and protectors. The heel, sole, and toe area get additional reinforcement, while the top of the toe section is also reinforced for longevity especially when shifting gears.

Overall, the Ixon Ranker WP gets safety certifications in accordance to the latest EN 13634: 2017 standard, as well as Level 2 CE protection thanks to its medium-cut design. The Ranker WP is available in two color options, a subtle black and a sporty combo of black and red. A lady-specific version called the Ranker WP Lady is also available. Regardless of color and type, it retails for just 149.99 Euros, or the equivalent of $174 USD. 

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