Sidi’s a well-known brand in the realm of two-wheelers for boots and other equipment. With products that cater to cyclists and motorcyclists, the Italian marque’s latest and top-of-the-line touring boot is an improvement over its predecessor, this is the Sidi Canyon 2 Gore.

The Italian brand has got a bunch of other boots for you to choose from ranging from supermoto, motocross, and track-ready footwear. The Sidi Canyon 2 Gore, however, is a boot that is specifically made for motorcycle touring, and it boasts specifications and features that would be great to have, rain or shine, on a long ride cross country.

With distance and protection in mind, Sidi secured the coveted Gore-Tex membrane that resists water and keeps your feet dry. The membrane is both water-resistant and breathable to keep water out but allows your feet to breathe. There is also an inner gaiter that prevents water from entering the boot on top of the Gore-Tex. Paired with proper motorcycle pants, you can get a nice seal from water should the skies open up. 

The boots are full-height and come with choice materials and armor panels that make them CE-Certified. Sidi inserted a shin plate to protect your lower leg from getting injured, and internal heel, ankle, and toe protectors are also standard on this touring pair. The upper is made from full-grain leather and an additional panel is stitched on the toe for shifting gears. The enclosure system is a two-part affair that incorporates a velcro side closure, and a micrometric buckle to lock your heel in the boot.

For comfort, the Canyon 2 Gore comes with removable arch support along with lined seams to prevent discomfort while on or off the bike. The boots also come with a reinforced insole and a heavy-duty outsole for crush protection and durability.

The Sidi Canyon 2 Gore is available in a US Men’s size 5 to 13.5/14 (EU 37 to 48). The only color available is black, and the boots can be yours to tour in for the price of about $310 USD (€289.95 EUR)

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