Due to availability (or lack thereof), many supermoto riders default to wearing motocross boots on the circuit. While MX footwear perfectly suits the dirt sections found on mixed supermoto tracks, they’re not really engineered to deal with tarmac. Italian motorcycle boot manufacturer Sidi understands supermoto’s unique requirements and its Crossfire 2 SM boots are ready for all the sliding and drifting the best riders can throw at them.

Sidi claims that its Technomicro material is stronger, more supple, and lighter weight than leather, making it the perfect fabric for the Crossfire 2 SM. In addition to the stout microfiber, Teflon adds extra impact protection while a Cambrelle liner delivers abrasion resistance and moisture management. A replaceable anatomical shin plate shields the rider from impacts while the adjustable cuff plates protect from heat and abrasions.

Supermoto riders typically use the foot-out technique to navigate turns on the dirt and asphalt and the Crossfire 2 SM is formulated to protect regardless of the terrain. Toe panels safeguard the rider’s digits and a raised toe box profile provides extra grip on the controls. Sidi’s Dual Flex System Upper maintains the rider’s flexibility and range of motion while also protecting against rotational forces.

Of course, supermoto riders’ feet are bound to touch down on the tarmac and the Crossfire 2 SM’s replaceable sole embraces that riding style. Luckily, Sidi offers a red sole for optimal grip while the yellow sole’s stiffer compound reduces friction with the pavement. A micrometric buckle and memory adjustment straps secure each boot to the rider. If the boot gets damaged in the heat of battle, users can also replace the entire cuff thanks to the Crossfire 2 SM’s seamless screws.

Available in sizes 40-48, the Sidi boots retail for €528.67 ($615 USD). That may be a high price to pay for riding boots but it’s a lot less money than a hospital bill for a broken ankle.

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