Are you looking for a new pair of off-road motorcycle boots? If so, then you may be interested in one of Italian motorcycle boot specialist Sidi’s newest additions to its lineup in 2021. The company makes a range of protective motorcycle footwear for most types of riding, from the street to the track and of course, off-road. The new XPower and XPower Lei—Lei is Sidi’s women’s boot line—offer Sidi’s signature combination of protection, style, and features. Let’s take a look. 

The outside is made of Sidi’s Techno Micro fabric, which the company says is waterproof. The lining inside is soft and comfortable, making them easy to slide into and out of, as well as wear for those long riding stints. The tongue and the ankle joint are made of thermoformed microfiber for extra durability and comfort. 

On the outside, you’ll notice the four straps that close up the XPower and XPower Lei boots. These are equipped with micrometric levers, which also have adjustment memory and toothed straps so each click feels solid as you lock it into place. Best of all, each of those levers is replaceable—so no need to worry if you have an off and one of them is broken. It’s a lot less of a hassle (and expense) to replace a broken lever than to buy a whole new set of boots, isn’t it? 

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Ankle protection is provided by Sidi’s flexible and proprietary Flex System, to keep your ankle from being twisted or crushed in the event that you go down. At the same time, it still remains flexible enough to feel comfortable while you’re riding, and not fight you as your ankles go through the normal human motions as you reposition yourself on (and off) the bike. 

The inner parts of the boots, which face the bike as you straddle it, are smooth. There’s nothing in the way to interfere with your contact with the bike. No buckles to catch, or any other parts of the boot to get in the way—making repositioning yourself on off-road rides much easier. 

Sidi’s XPower boots are available in four colors: black, gray, blue, and red. They come in sizes ranging from 39 to 50. Meanwhile, Sidi’s XPower Lei boots currently only come in white, per the company’s website. They do show black ones as well, although they aren’t currently listed as being available—you may want to check with your trusty Sidi stockist to find out if and when they expect to get any in stock. Sizes for the Sidi XPower Lei boots range from 39 to 43. Price information for the XPower and XPower Lei are not yet listed as of October 6, 2021. 

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