Who doesn’t love a good summer jacket? I often find myself picking a lightweight, breathable jacket even in rainy weather simply because I’d rather get wet in the rain than drenched in my own sweat. That is, of course, largely due to the climate of where I’m from, with temperatures hardly ever dropping below the mid 70s, even in rainy weather.

That being said, a summer jacket has a multitude of uses even after summer itself has come to pass. You can use it as a jacket for a quick commute to the grocery store, or even as a normal windbreaker at home when you’re off the bike. Plus, many summer jackets can be fitted with a waterproof thermal lining making them ideal for wet-weather riding, offering an additional layer of wind protection in colder temperatures. REV’IT! is known for producing a good number of high-quality riding jackets suitable for all seasons—with the Territory serving as the newest addition to the company’s summer jacket collection.

REV’IT! Launches New Territory All-Terrain Summer Jacket

The REV’IT! Territory is a lightweight, ventilated jacket designed for all-terrain use which offers maximum protection and comfort thanks to its breathable construction. Made out of a single layer of mesh fabric, the Territory ensures maximum breathability without skimping on safety. After all, the mesh fabric REV’IT! used for the Territory is the abrasion-resistant Cordura Ripstop 750D. Additional layers have been placed on fall areas such as elbows, shoulders, and hips for added slide resistance.

Seesmart level 1 protectors on the elbows and shoulders come standard with the jacket. So, too, does a pocket for a back protector which can be purchased separately. The arms and back are lined with a reflective design for added visibility in low-light scenarios. Thanks to all these features, the REV’IT! Territory is rated a Class A PPE in accordance with standard EN17092-4: 2020. The jacket is available in two color options—light gray and khaki, and is sized from S to 3XL. The Territory is offered at 189.99 Euros, or the equivalent of $224 USD.

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