This Christmas, hundreds of lucky kids will find a shiny new pocket bike or dirt bike under the tree. After all, a high-adrenaline sport like motocross is the perfect way to develop motor functions at an early age. Who knows? Maybe you’re raising a future MotoGP World Champion. That being said, there are tons of kids-specific powersports machines out there. Interestingly, Tesla has recently ventured into this niche segment with a radical ATV.

The Cyberquad first made its debut with the Cybertruck in 2019. Back then, it took on the guise of a more serious machine meant for grown-ups. As it would turn out, the Cyberquad, just like many other things in life, would start out small—literally. The $1,900 USD children’s toy was recently listed on Tesla’s online store, and is stated to be meant for kids aged eight years and above. This label surely won’t dissuade full-grown adults from taking this little ripper for a spin, but maybe its 150-pound rider weight limit will. Surely, you wouldn’t want the little ones in tears after mommy or daddy snapped an axle on their new Cyberquad, right?

Would You Let Your Kids Ride Tesla's New Cyberquad?

If you’re reading this just now, and are hoping to surprise your kid, friend’s kid, niece, nephew, or heck, even yourself, with the new Cyberquad, I’m sorry to say that you’re out of luck. As of Monday, December 6, the Cyberquad has been listed as sold out on Tesla’s online store. That’s quite a shame, really, as this little electric ATV is quite a ripper. It’s powered by a lithium-ion battery pack that promises a range of 15 miles. Its brushless DC motor propels it to a top speed of no more than 10 miles per hour. The tiny four-wheeler can be juiced up in under five hours.

As for styling, the Cyberquad looks very much like it belongs in the trunk of the Cybertruck. It features a lot of angles, and by a lot, I mean there aren’t any curves—apart from the wheels, of course, which are obviously round. It rocks a full steel frame, disc brakes, and even adjustable suspension to ensure that kids get the most performance-oriented ATV experience on offer. Overall, this little four-wheeler is rather lightweight, tipping the scales at just 122 pounds.

Those who have pre-ordered the Cyberquad can expect it to arrive in two to four weeks. Tesla, however, hasn’t made a guarantee that the quads will make it in time for Christmas. Neither has it announced when the next shipment of Cyberquads will be. Nonetheless, given the fact that the quad was sold out so quickly is a strong indication that demand is high.

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